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Safari Boot is our reference because it is used by young and old and is a comfortable and affordable footwear. It is also called desert boot and is used throughout the Spanish territory and in some European countries.

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We address an audience of all ages and hopefully love, like us, this kind of footwear using their low price for the high turnover of footwear does not involve excessive expense for families.

Presume to be an alternative to basing our usual trade advantages:

  • The price of the shoe, sporting a price slightly cheaper than the shops and incorporating deals in buying several pairs.
  • • The home delivery, avoiding the cumbersome searches at different places looking the favorite color.
  • • The variety of colors, having a variety of moment of 21 colors in the near future and to 22 colors in total.
  • • All sizes, covering the entire spectrum of possible sizes without forgetting anyone..



Boots made in Spain in the province of Zaragoza. It is made of suede leather, rubber sole, stitching and lining pig Billy Ibori.The fastening of the boot may be with laces or Velcro to the smaller sizes. Can also be manufactured with inner fleece.

Making this shoe currently still part of a process which combines traditional artisan work with a traditional old machinery. In these pictures we can see some moments of shoe manufacturing.

fabricación bota safari pieles serraje fabricación bota safari útiles de fabricación

The tools that are used are the traditional choice of materials is presently about 21 different colors..


Making this shoe and tanning of skin dates back to the first settlers Moors in the eighth century that brought their techniques and tanneries. The low activity of agriculture and other activities at the time influenced the remarkable development of skin tanning.Another interpretation goes back to the days when a group of wandering Jews settled in the valley of Brea de Aragón in houses piled beside the tanneries that stretched along the river bank. The expulsion of the Moors in the seventeenth century had fatal consequences for the footwear industry, tanneries and artisans lost their plantations without cutting ivy for years. This saved the Moorish expulsion under nine years and those over sixty who tranmitieron their tanning techniques to new settlers from neighboring places and attracted by the prosperity of the business before the tanneries that were deserted.

The first news of the shoe manufacturing is the year 1606.

Currently both children and adults using this type of footwear popularly called desert boot. This term depends on each region being in any case a popular term and loving.

It is our pleasure and satisfaction facilitate this service and hope you will enjoy browsing our website.

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